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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Grabbing Life by the Balls

I'm no guru or life coach. But what I am is a friend, a shoulder to cry on and someone who can shove positive quotes up your backside till you scream. (Inappropriate? Possibly...)

Positive quotes are very personal and only a handful can actually change a persons' way of thinking when it hits that relatable bone. I saw a quote the other day and it instantly spoke to me. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember what this was and what it said, but it obviously it gave me a little bitch slap in the face.

I've spent a whole lot of time in my life not acting on anything I want for two main reasons. One, because I was lazy, and two, because I was afraid of what other people will think. And now? I don't care what you think, you're entitled to your opinion and if you don't like something I say or do, that's ok! You don't have to.

I'm not going to sit back and watch my dreams disintegrate because I didn't have the courage to grab life by the balls. I'm going to do what I feel is best and not give a rats arse if you think it's wrong or not.

Each person I meet and each task I do helps me grow. They teach me a lesson and they teach me a truth about myself. The best things in life come unplanned and as a surprise. So if you're afraid to take the risk, you might be passing up incredible opportunities don't you think?

*I was asked to write this new post in 10 minutes

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