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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Magazines vs Blogging

Blogging has taken a step back over the last couple of months due to work commitments, moving house twice, the common cold and a severe lack of inspiration rooted from stress. However, I have taken the time to really think about the direction I want my blog to go and where I want it to take me. So you’ll just have to wait, see, surprise...

If you caught Maria J Blogs on BBC Breakfast recently you will know that she was on there to talk about the differences between the blogging and magazine industry with ex Features Editor of British Vogue.

It was argued that magazines are a dying industry. I disagree on some level. Yes, a weekly issue like OK! and HELLO! go out of date very quickly when it is revolving around celebrity gossip - that is what the Daily Mail Online is for... However, monthly publications often write for the future, such as fashion magazines predict styles and more and more are writing about current affairs, politics and sex education, which I feel are really important topics that should be shown to everyone on the planet.

What I agree with is publications and magazines that are printed and distributed on a large scale will start to die out as the lack of diversity of content they are offering will not be as interesting as what people can find online. I disagree because independent publications are showing raw and engaging content, which includes images and articles from real people covering real issues. These are often created by people who have blogged in the past or have the same views and values as people of the internet.

In this generation, the internet is the source of everything, and although there is still fear and backlash, more and more human beings are open to who they are and really offering a raw and honest version of themselves, hoping that even just one person can relate and know they are not alone. This is a taboo for the magazine industry as if a person is seen less than aesthetically pleasing or stands out from outside society's beauty norms, they will not make the cut. Imagine seeing hairy legs in Cosmopolitan? I think not. But go on my Instagram stories... well probably.

As it states, “Vogue is a brand” and this is the same for bloggers, who create a brand out of themselves hoping to influence the public. I understand I am talking about the minority of bloggers, however, the majority who want to do this for a living, or get paid work from it, will create a brand out of themselves or their blog by gaining a trusting audience. Both industries strive towards the same thing, from sharing new products to influencing the general public. Bloggers will offer honest reviews of products, they will express their personal experience and opinions on any topic they please, whereas an editorial magazine cannot, and will not do this. To save them, teaming up with bloggers would be an awesome thought.

To paraphrase Maria’s words (because I can’t find the damn clip anymore on the internet), “you open the pages of a fashion magazine and it’s hard to find someone relatable, whereas you can go online, search a hashtag and find someone who you see yourself in.” Genuine people with their own ideas are flooding the web and it’s so beautiful to have access to different opinions and inspiration without it going through a series of editors scrutinising work in case they get dragged by the media for approaching taboo subjects.

Teen Vogue, however, is making huge strides in the right direction. With Elaine Welteroth as new Editor-in-Chief, the magazine is encompassing all aspects of being human. Their most recent controversial article was about anal sex. A lot of people have argued negatively, with the main focus of it being a “teen” magazine. In my opinion it is an exit, not an entrance, however, it does not affect my daily life in any way if other people want to do that, therefore, it is not a problem and will never be a problem and they have every reason to write this piece for any generation as we all deserve to be educated. They are doing what the education system won't.

Then we have independent magazines who are the most precious and really make a difference in the world with their words and imagery. These are the likes of, Sunday Girl, Lionheart and Roundtable, which are favourites of mine. Being published has always been my number one dream and although I can publish as much as my little heart wishes on my blog, it’s just not the same as seeing your name printed on the paper pages above an article you’re passionate about on the shelves for anyone to take (and pay for, I do not condone theft.)

I’m a very visual person and for someone who loves to read and write, magazines are a nice way to read about current issues and thought proving articles in a calm environments where notifications and pop ups aren’t averting your eyes every three seconds sub-consciously stressing you out when you just want to know who wore it best. I take great inspiration from magazines and their glossy or matte pages.

I think with everything, there are positives and negatives to each industry and being able to embrace each other is something that needs to be welcomed. There is an underlying cat fight where each feels threatened by the other. It does not need to be this way. With a generation of talented creatives, we should all be coming together and exploring the world.

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