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Sunday, 16 April 2017

What's In My Bag?

I'm not even kidding... these posts and videos are always my favourites. I don't know why but it probably has to do with me being incredibly nosey and a person's bag being so unapologetically them it kinda has a beauty all on its own.

Now, unlike most people, my handbag has to be organised and clean and otherwise I will lose everything, never to be seen again. Although before I became an "adult" (using this term very lightly) it would be sugar lined, full of old coins and empty wrappers.

Purse - I love changing my purse around and swapping it every now and then. This gem is from Skinnydip sporting a metallic blue scale pattern, which I love because it can also pass as a clutch for when you don't want to carry around a big bag. Mermaid lovers this is right up your street. I always carry around one or two polaroids in there with me too so I know I've always got my loved ones close.

Phone - Obviously my phone is an essential, along with my house keys. I'll be honest I actually always have my phone in my pocket because when it's in my bag I can't hear it when no one rings me. My case is also from Skinnydip, channelling the embroidery trend that's around. I love cases with a texture as I am such a fidgety person when I'm walking and usually I'll have my hands in my pockets playing with a paperclip or something.

Sunglasses - I really really like sunglasses, however, I wear glasses full time and I don't get on too well with contact lenses meaning I occasionally have to choose between style and sight... Now it's Spring time I'm starting to bring sunnies with me more often. My babies are from Quay Australia who honestly has the sickest frames. These are sold in Topshop so you've probably seen them around. If you're in the market for some new ones this year I would have a good look at Quay.

Perfume - As hard as I try I ALWAYS forget to put perfume on, so I decided to start carrying perfume in my bag in case I leave the house and realise what a fool I have been. I'm currently wearing i am SO...? which is such a gorgeous spring fruity scent. It's part of their new collection and is just dreamy.

Headphones - Does anyone else feel truly lost without their headphones? At the moment I'm listening to the #MondayMotivation playlist on Spotify every day of the week. There are some crackers on there let me tell you, so if you don't already know it, get on it. I'm also really into old school Lana Del Rey at the moment (thanks Heidi).

Lipstick - I always carry a lipstick in my bag with me just in case something comes up and I need to spice up my make up a little bit. I'm currently carrying the Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paint in the shade 'Truffle Shuffle - 168' that I've had since last year. Simple shades are incredibly versatile so I can trust no matter what I'm wearing it will go.

Diary - I don't always carry my diary around with me because I am small and weak and I try and avoid having a heavy bag, however, I should really because I end up with about ten post-its floating around in my bag to transfer over later. This is the first time I've actually stuck to a paper diary because it usually gets to about beginning of January and I've given up. My memory is a piece of sh*t these days and because suddenly I have a life I need one.

Tampons & Paracetamol - I'm not going to hide any reality. I'm a girl and once a month blood rushes from my vagina, therefore I need to be prepared. It's also good to carry tampons or pads around in case your friends need one too. I do like to carry around paracetamol as well because who know when the pain will come knocking on the door...


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