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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Miami Daze | Swamp Breed x Andy Foster

If you've been on The Messy Edit recently you would have seen my recent post about an incredible new T-shirt brand called Swamp Breed. From my hometown of Bristol, Joe is smashing it and I'm over the moon to be working with him again on his new stuff. You can read Joe's interview with me, Joe in Wonderland, here.

Joe and Andy met on the uni course they're currently studying and the collaboration Miami Daze was born. When two impressive creatives come together and create something so brilliant it's like fireworks are being set off. "If you have ever met Andy Foster he is a very quirky interesting character, with his own unique style that makes him stand out from a crowd. His positivity resonates with me and he's just an overall great person." The new collection includes a hand painted skateboard and mug with an original piece created for Swamp by Andy Foster on them. If that's not insanely innovative, I don't know what is...

I'm honestly just in awe of them both as they're killing it while at uni still and not many people can say the same. "I wanted to work with someone closely on two items that weren't garment related because I feel like this would separate me from just being another T-shirt brand. We came to the conclusion that doing a limited edition skateboard hand painted by him and a mug is perfect for our collaboration and I am extremely excited with the final outcome of it all and to release to the public."

Literally how cool is this?! It's hand painted. I am in love. I'm not a skater. Or should I say, I'm not a natural born skater, however, I have always imagined being a professional - as you do. Imagine eight year old me for example, (I feel like I've talked about little Emily a lot recently), who has a big sister that owns a skateboard. That was the optimum of cool and so naturally I was jealous as heck. Rainy day, Saturday, shifty corner shop - they had a tiny section of toys and on the bottom shelf in the left-hand corner was a skateboard, but not just any skateboard, a badass miniature one that was perfect for below average sized Emily. I cried, I begged and good ol' Mumma McGuire pulled through. Hallelujah, DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.


And it was just downhill from there. Fast forward 13 years and I still can't bloody skate. Yet I refuse to take no for answer and my love for the art of skateboarding is still very much alive.

Both items will be available on the website, from 9 pm tonight (15th March '17).

Follow Swamp Breed on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.

*Photos are courtesy of Swamp Breed.

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