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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Straight From The Heart

I don't like my body. It's disproportionate. My ribs stick out yet I have big bum that's like a mound of jelly getting in the way. I resemble a pear. My boobs are so small I find it hard buying bras. Buying clothes that fit is impossible. I have trouble getting dressed because there's only so many long tees I can wear to cover up my thighs. I don't like me in the mirror. And that's just the beginning of the list.

It's 2017 and make up no longer seems a choice, but a necessity. I don't feel like wearing make up sometimes but if I'm working I have to. To look presentable, to look like I give a damn. I couldn't go to an interview without make-up on. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they didn't hire me purely based on the fact that I had a bare face. Looks are an illusion to cloud the raw person in front of you. We all blur and correct and for what?

It's a mask. It's hiding my dark circles that haven't left me since I was ten years old. It's hiding my blemishes and discolouration and spots because we've been taught it's ugly. And I am conditioned to think I'm ugly without make up on. So that's how I feel.

But it's my body, so why isn't it my choice?

Courage comes from the Latin word 'Cor' which means heart. So courage literally comes from the heart, and recently I'm finding this meaning to be my light at the end of the tunnel. To love yourself, to be happy and do what you want can't be manufactured, it takes genuine feeling and bravery straight from the heart. It takes courage.

The world is changing; in environment, in politics, just everywhere really. People are at risk every single day and society is bothered with my appearance. I've always seen society from an outsiders point of view, as if I'm not included, and only recently I've realised I am a person that helps make up society and I am guilty of judgement. Society is really just a word for group opinion. Society thinks... Society does... it's all just the people around us, like you and me. So how easy would it be to change?

If everyone makes their opinion heard, their presence known, this CAN change. We CAN build a world that is accepting that we want to live in. We CAN teach the world that it's OK to be whoever you chose to be. Spread joy, spread love, end hate.

Who's with me?


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