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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I Wrote You a Letter

I used to hate cards. I would hate how expensive they are (still do to be honest) and how the next day the words "To... Happy Birthday! Love Emily xx" were just thrown straight in the bin. BUT, the other day something clicked and I thought...


How trivial is it to Facebook message someone, write on their timeline or a text. Birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, babies, engagements - it's all the same. Us Millennials are doing it more and more, even for people close to us. I bet half of us don't even know where the nearest Post Office is. However, a card sent is going out of your way for someone. It's a dying fashion, but such a beautiful one. This doesn't deserve to be forgotten.

I'm not talking about those six-word cards, don't get me wrong. I think what needs to change is really thinking about the card and what goes inside. If you're going to send one, wouldn't it make so much more sense to make it worth your and their while? Letter writing is also dying. Can you even remember the last letter you wrote or received? All those incredible preserved letters from history and what have we got to show now? Deleted text messages and an Instagram account?

So let's tie them both together and write long letters inside cards. Even add extra paper in. Make it messy, honest, colourful... Add pictures, recipes or confetti just because (maybe warn them before opening for that last one) Even find yourself a pen pal?! What a pretty way to let someone know they're on your mind.
The day I had my epiphany I bought a huge pile of cards so I was ready for whatever I wanted to say. I made a vow to always send cards and say more than a few words too. It's a gesture of care, of love. Keeping in touch is harder now when the world has supposedly made it easier. Scrap that useless small talk, it's always forgotten about. All texts are. But a letter or a card can say so much - and who doesn't love getting post!!

Someone's gone to a shop, bought you a card, thought about the written message. Wrote it, got a stamp and posted it. How long did sending that Whatsapp take? Yes, I hear you, it costs money, but doesn't your relationship with that person? Letters are personal, real and thoughtful. Don't let that fade.


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