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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Cheap Date Weekend

The 1st of February is finally upon us today. 2017 is setting out to be a good year for me so far - I mean, to be honest, it's been one month so it's a little premature for me to say so, however, if we don't have hope what do we have?!

The start of the year is usually when we all take a good snoop inside our bank accounts and realise we need to stop spending like we're Queens and put all our cards in the freezer 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' style. No spend January is going to be no spend February too.

With Valentine's day coming up, not everyone is in a position to be making it rain with those dollar bills, SO, I've come up with some fun date ideas that require little or no money for you besties and lovebirds out there:

Netflix & Chill - Let's not beat around the bush here, we all know what this really means, BUT, let's make it even better and build... a fort. Honestly what better way to feel like a princess than to chill in front of a film from a fort. Throw down those blankets, sofa cushions, pillows and duvets then hang those silky drapes and fairy lights for ultimate cosiness. Set the mood lighting and if you're feeling extra special sprinkle some rose petals everywhere too. Am I right?!

Walk and Picnic - Taking a walk or exploring a new part of the city is honestly one of my new favourite things now I've just moved. Being a tourist in your own city or showing them around your hometown if they're not from there is such a cute way to get to know each other. Even just a leisurely walk in a field or forest is dreamy knowing there's gonna be food at the end of it. And if you have a dog, it's all the better.

Pudding - If your eyes glanced to this point first then you're my kinda person. When people think of dates, it's often going out for a meal, but as my bank statement is aware, meals can be expensive and it's not always a viable option for students or low earners. However, going out just for pudding is perfect and pretty great as it's half the price. Why not up the romantics and share instead? Yum.

Museums - The amount of free and cheap museums and exhibitions around is amazing. You'd be surprised how many have free entry to be honest, and with a range of different topics, you're likely to find something to suit such as history, art, photography, fashion, notable people and cars. It's a bit of a different way to learn about their interests and you're probably going to find something new to interest you too.


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