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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tips For Badass Blonde Hair

Thinking of going blonde? DO IT! I was blonde for over a year, and although I've just gone au natural again, I thought I'd pass on my knowledge to the next new blonde. Girls gotta help each other out right?!

Getting your hair bleached is a big deal so think about it carefully. As well as stripping the colour from your hair, bleach also strips a lot of nutrients and proteins that keep your hair soft and healthy. So straw hair may be a literal reality...

1. Get it done professionally - I cannot stress this enough and I'll admit I was naive and went through some trouble before I gave in and let someone do it for me. Hairdressers know what they're doing and you'll avoid patchy hair, orange bands, tears and insecurities. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES! A lot of salons now use an Olaplex treatment and although I've not had it, I've heard rave reviews.

2. Colour - If you're keen to maintain your bleach blonde hair as a fresh white blonde shade without the brassy yellow tones, then I recommend investing in some purple shampoo. It acts like a toner to neutralise the yellow in your hair but in a handy shampoo. My two favourites are PROVOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo and Bleach London's Silver ShampooPROVOKE is my first choice as it's a tame product, but does the job perfectly. I find it lifts the hair more consistently in terms of shade and leaves it looking salon done. Bleach London's is strong so don't leave this in too long unless you're going for a purple look! However, it's a brilliant product from a great company and gives a good result.

3. Hydration - Your hair is going to get really dry as bleach is pretty damaging. Deep treatment conditioners are fab and shampoo and conditioners that contain keratin proteins repair and replace what's been stripped out. For the first few months, it's important to try and rebuild your hair's strength.

4. Roots - Don't leave your roots too long if you've got dark hair as it's harder to lift the pigment and will leave you with a large band of orange hair for roots. It's recommended you get your roots done every 4-6 weeks, which is when the hair is about an inch. However, the darker the hair the sooner I'd recommend getting it done.

5. Cut those ends - Dead ends are a big no no. Your hair can't repair itself if half of it is dead so you gotta get those ends off. It keeps it healthy and actually makes it grow faster, so if you're putting off having your hair cut because you like the length, you'll actually benefit from cutting it in the long run.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below or share any hair mishaps of your own!

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