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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Serious Idol Material

There are some truly incredible and talented people on the internet and are exceptional at what they do. These women inspire me to be the best I can be and I learn from them daily. I hope that I get to meet them all one day.

In no particular order, here is a list of my favourite bloggers and why:

Pages by Megan - If I could trade places with anyone for the day it would be Megan. She's my newest favourite lady and everything about her is colourful and confident. From one look at her blog or social media, you'll adore her straight away and understand why she's a favourite.

Superlatively Rude - I learn more from Laura than I do from some people I know in real life. Her unfaltering honesty is refreshing and I'm so proud that she gets to share her words even more with her second book release this coming April. She's funny, an uplifting read and will make you think differently. Serious idol.

What Oliva Did - I see Olivia as a role model. Despite her only being two years older than me, she inspires me to work hard to be where she is today. I'm in awe of her style and the relaxed feel of her blog posts. She's someone to have a cuppa with and chat mindlessly about anything.

Wonderful You - Megs is one of the first bloggers I came across last year and she's just flawless from head to toe. It makes me happy when she gets recognition because you can tell how hard she works and she deserves it all. She's ridiculously photogenic and incredibly genuine which translates throughout her blog.

Shot From The Street - Lizzie is just the coolest girl in Manchester and probably England too. She's a fashion blogger and a serious style inspiration to me, even though she just kills each outfit 10x times more than I ever will. I have serious wardrobe envy and would recommend her always.

NYC Bambi - I found Christie though her flawless Instagram feed and our mutual friend Hannah. She's an old soul living in New York and her blog oozes vintage dreams and cosy aesthetic goals. Her pictures are flawless and part of me just wishes I was her, like all the time.

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