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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Our Home

One day we're going to buy an empty house and have nothing but a mattress to our names. As the days go by we'll buy bits and bobs we like. While we're waiting for the wifi to set up we'll go to the nearest coffee shop with our laptops and I'll write and we'll buy a big bed and a desk and maybe a lamp and some shutters, perhaps an ottoman and a load of cushions and they’ll arrive and we'll put them wherever we want. There will be earthy tones and browns and creams and dusty roses then bright tapestries on the floor and walls, with sofas to match. Fairy lights will line the walls and our gramophone will blast out vinyl classics that are picked from the bookshelf that's packed full of music and words. The smell of candles will spread around the room sweetening the empty space, swirling around all the huge green plants making our private rainforest. Draped across our four poster bed the white sheer silk curtain will sway from the fresh breeze coming from the double balcony doors and I will start writing those words to get lost in on a rusty typewriter while hoping one day we'll be listening to the pitter patter of tiny feet playing.

Photo: @simply_kenna

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