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Sunday, 25 December 2016

IT'S NEARLY OVER | 2016 Round-Up

I think everyone on and off the Internet can agree that 2016 has been a serious game changer. My 2016 was the year I figured out more about myself and took my adult responsibilities seriously (to a certain degree... *cough* McDonald's daily *cough*.)

I set myself a challenge to see if I could summarise my entire year in once sentence. And I did.
Disclaimer - the following may or may not be grammatically correct as the semicolon is the scariest of punctuation.

We’re starting with January when my girlfriend and I moved in together in London to eat lots of pizza and chocolate yoghurts which was exactly what we consumed on our year anniversary in February; added with yet another Big Easy lobster feast, the place where I had my last team outing as I got promoted to a Digital Marketing Executive that sucked and I cried every day into my colouring book for three weeks when I worked as a newsletter builder and marketing bitch with a glorified title, which happened to spark a relapse in a chronic illness that haunted the entire of my teenage years forcing me to take a month off and return back to my original position in March, where by this point I’d already had around five different hair colours that continued through April and May (months I never remember, perhaps after mentally blocking them out due to cutting a fringe,) however, in June my girlfriend and I took our second romantic holiday of the year to Santorini (the first to The Lake District) and watched some of the most breathtaking sunsets that we desperately tried to hold onto after returning to the monstrosity that was Brexit just before July’s English “heatwave”, following into August where I spent my time counting down the seconds until I handed in my notice and left my job; as well as selling 60% of my belongings online that ultimately funded food cravings that I had in September when I left England (on a flight that’s given me dodgy knees) to spend a year travelling around Australia to meet amazing people and visit places that included Fraser Island, Whitsundays Islands and the now dead Great Barrier Reef to name a few, to then suddenly realise after turning 21 in October that I was living somebody else's dream and returned home to Bristol in November (still as pale as before) to mourn the money I had spent and to get my life on track ready for my new job I started in December and Christmas festivities that consume you, leading to a sudden epiphany (learning the the hard way), two weeks before December 25th, otherwise known as the day where you eat the most food ever, that I’m lactose intolerant and milk is literally in everything, so really if you mix in a couple of anxiety attacks, empty bank accounts and that one visit to the gym, it was a crazy year.


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