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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Saturday Night In

Call me an old lady but having an evening in to me is so much more appealing than going out. Don’t get me wrong an occasional evening out is really nice, especially a date or at the pub with friends, but snuggling up in the evening to a film or a cracking TV show is just SUPERB.

Last night I was asked to go out for drinks in the city and although the logistics of it wouldn’t have worked and the thought of it nearly gave me a full blown anxiety attack, I actually decided that I’d prefer my own company that evening.

I think people put too much pressure on themselves to go out just because it’s a “Saturday night”. I’m sure a percentage of people really just want to be able to update their Snapchat story or Instagram page so they can say ‘I’m out with my really close friends having a great time getting drunk, creating memories and you weren’t invited.’ When in actual fact, they’re probably not enjoying themselves as much as their social media portrays and just don’t want to be alone.

But it’s OK to be alone and to enjoy your own company from time to time. Everyone forgets this in a modern society because it’s a constant social climb and an ‘I’m better than you’ contest. So don’t let someone call you boring, because you’re not. You’re owning a night in by yourself and if you’re still smiling when you’re warm and snuggled up in bed just finishing your 7th film, then you’ve done yourself good. It’s important to remember this and it’s important to just be the real you.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The 10 Steps of Tidying Up

Step 1: Stare at mess and cry.

Step 2: Procrastinate for 1-3 days.

Step 3: Step over mess while getting stressed about mess.

Step 4: Realise you need to do something about the state your place is in.

Step 5: Start in a corner of the untidy vision while watching Netflix. Film ends, tidying has not started.

Step 6: Put music on instead so not to distract from the task. Crazy dancing occurs, tidying has not.

Step 7: Try doing it without any form of entertainment. Take “deserved” nap.

Step 8: A week later actually get it done finally and forever.

Step 9: Feel how good a tidy room and house is. Make vow that you will never let it get this messy again.

Step 10: Repeat.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Leap of Faith

I don't have much confidence. In fact, occasionally it slowly whittles its way to the grand total of zero. Which is why it's great I can hide behind the blue rays of my laptop screen in my darkened bedroom and hiss when the light shines in.

However, the older I get, the more confident I'm becoming and after recently turning twenty-one I genuinely feel a lot more confident in the things I do and wear. Being small with a young face, people often treat me years younger than I am and I’ve come to realise that subconsciously I’ve treated myself in the same way.

But I feel a lot more ready now. Seeing my friends grow up has taught me a lot, especially not to worry about what other people think. At the end of the day, they’re doing their thing and if I don’t do my thing I’m never going to to reach my maximum potential.

These days we’ve all got to be a little bit more thick skinned and sometimes you’ve got to take that risk and leap of faith. And that’s what my blog is to me. I am terrified to be putting myself out there, to let people know that I’ve created this space, but ultimately I’m at an age where no one can make decisions for me anymore. It’s time to stand up for myself.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Welcome to The Messy Edit

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. Another bloody blog I hear you say?.. Well yeah pretty much, however, the difference is it will be filled with words from my brain and I can assure you that it will be… erm… unique…

I’ve been planning this lifestyle and beauty blog for months and months and finally I decided it was time to get myself out there and see where life takes me.

Posts will go up every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm. If you’re keen, do follow me on Instagram and Twitter, both @themessyedit where I will be posting updates and other social media-y stuff.

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